Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2008 King Estate Pinot Noir Signature Collection

How absolutely excited I was when opening up my care package from King Estate to find some very nice samples. You knew (or should have known) I would head for the Pinot first. Actually I had some baked salmon and decided from much prodding this would be an excellent wine to go with dinner. Plus these folks in Oregon make great wine.

King Estate winery was started in 1991 by the King Family producing outstanding Oregon wines. They are committed to using organic and sustainable farming methods. Their 1,033 acres are certified organic and include 465 acres of organic vineyards along with 30 acres of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Please check out their website at for a beautiful picture of the winery.

In the glass you can really picture the fresh cherry in this wine. Next some raspberry and spice. Last thing I smell with the snoz fully buried in the glass is leather.

This pinot makes you go wow! With each taste the flavor flip flops from cherry to strawberry at the start (no I was not pickled prior to tasting). Creamy in the middle, vanilla and spice. Velvet in the mouth with so much flavor. Hint of oak and spice at the end. I really love this wine. The winemaker has every detail of this wine perfected.


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