Thursday, March 18, 2010

2008 Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc

What a great time this evening participating in the online tweet taste organized by Rick Bakas and tonight was all about Sauvignon Blanc. While I have limited knowledge of this grape and tend to shy away from the wine because of the heavy grapefruit flavor I am finding more of them I really do enjoy. Spring is near and crisp wines are a must. Tonight I chose the 2008 Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc large in part because I knew their other wines are very good. Like the other varietals the Sauvignon Blanc does not dissapoint.

I decided to smell this wine longer than usual (it just seemed the right thing to do). What I found was a nice pineapple aroma first on the nose. Second here came the grapefruit and finally a citris aroma. Found myself wanted to continue but then how the heck would I know how the wine tasted.

Really enjoyed this wine. The pineapple/grapefruit flavor was very nice and I really enjoyed the subtle hint of grapefruit. The lemon/lime or better described citris really finished the wine nicely. If there was oak I did not find any and to me a plus for this wine. Crisp and refreshing. Big fan of this wine and I am excited to try more Sauvignon Blancs. Thanks Joe Shirley for creating an excellent wine.

Cheers Dan

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