Tuesday, March 30, 2010

United Slurps Of America- Iowa

Imagine the excitement when I was asked to participate in a tasting entitled United Slurps of America where each state has a winery chosen to taste. The winery picked for this project here in Iowa was http://www.tasselridge.com/ in Leighton Iowa. I've tasted and blogged some of their wine already and happy to join in the fun again. Tonight will start off with a 2008 Iowa LaCrescent  white wine and finish with a red blend In The Dark.

   A big thanks to Derek Whittington of Tasselridge for sending tonights samples and http://swirlsmellslurp.com/ wine blog for organizing the event.

So how was the wine you ask. Iowa LaCrescent is a semi-sweet white wine which I found interesting in aroma from very chilled to warming close to room temp. First in the glass chilled, the peach is so very alive, ripe and almost reminds me of fresh cut fruit. Crisp citrus and pear become more pronounced as the wine warms. Fruit fills your nose with each sniff. Alright enough of this procrastination and lets taste this juice.

A mouth full of fruit in every taste. Wow fresh peach starts this great wine off first. Lemon citrus middle with even a hint of pineapple. Finish showcases the grapefruit. I love how the flavors interchange with the temp of the wine . I can see why this grape is gaining popularity in the Midwest. #3 best selling white wine at Tasselridge. Imagine a hot day and as the evening approaches this wine being sipped by you and friends prior to a dinner party.

Next up is the red blend Derek has been after me to taste In The Dark. Created from St Croix grapes grown in Mahaska County Iowa, Syrah grapes grown in Lake County California and Marechal Foch grapes grown in Mahaska County this blend reminds me of a full flavored red wine.

In the glass my first sniff identifies the huge plum aroma. Another smell and my nose picks up spice, berry, and oak. Nice red wine aromas and now lets taste this bad boy.

First in the mouth I get a juicy cherry flavor. Next in the middle I get a peppery spice. Follows up at the finish with a shot of cherry/oak and a touch of the plum. Definately a full flavored wine but a soft finish. I should have tried this wine with my grilled burger to see how it paired.

While Tasselridge is such a young winery I would say they have some very nice Iowa wines. One of the largest producers in the state I can't wait to visit and tour their facility. Stop by the winery for a visit and say hello to Derek and the gang.


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