Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2006 Archery Summit Estate Pinot Noir Dundee Hills

What better day to taste this excellent sample from Archery Summit than Wine Wednesday. I had this sample far too long and enjoy these wines too much to let them age (yes I know they get better over time but hey live for the moment).

I've given you the backround on an earlier post about the winery and I hope you had a chance to browse their website for additional details. I love the aroma of this wine. Huge cherry aroma first in the glass. Almost as if I stuck my nose in a bowl of cherries freshly picked. Little earth comes next. How about fresh cut rose petals towards the middle. Finally some raspberry spice at then end. After all those wonderful aromas is it even possible to not enjoy this wine? The most complex Pinot I have smelled or tasted to date.

The wine blows me away! Black cherry juicy and ripe. Vanilla almond followed by raspberry. Nice cola, leather and earthy finish. Very full flavored yet silky. One seriously excellent Pinot Noir. There is a reason why these folks produce top Pinots in Oregon. Thank you to Chris Nagy for providing the samples for review. Winemaker Anna Matzinger thank you for producing awesome wine.  Fans of Archery Summit must try this Estate Pinot and spoil yourselves.


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