Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tasselridge Chardonnay

Earlier I participated in the United Slurps of America-Iowa tasting and along with my samples was this beauty from Derek and the folks at Tasselridge. Tasty Chardonnay is how I will describe this wine.

In the glass my first aroma was a pear/citrus combination followed by a hint of grapefruit. Finally the apple and slight oak rounded out my smells. Typical characteristics of chardonnay in my opinion so it must be good right?

Nice wine. Apple throughout each taste, crisp and refreshing. Middle of the wine I get a nice vanilla flavor and the wine finishes with a little hint of oak. I assume this is an excellent selling wine for them expecially with summer fast approaching here in Iowa. Thank you Tasselridge for an excellent Chardonnay.


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