Thursday, April 22, 2010

2007 NxNW Syrah Columbia Valley

Wine Wednesday, hump day, mid-week whatever you prefer to call it just enjoy a bottle of the grape juice. Tonight was my sample from NxNW (North By Northwest) the 2007 Columbia Valley Syrah. NxNW in Walla Walla Washington, offers great selections of wine and this one follows suit.

In the glass a very deep purple color and my first smell gave me a cherry/grape/jam aroma. Second a hint of cedar, followed by a faint smell of chocolate (the chocolate fooled me as I thought my sense of smell was playing tricks on me). Chocolate and wine let's taste this baby.

Nice juicy cherry flavor on this one from start to finish. Middle towards end the earthy characteristic of the wine came forward. I did not taste any of the blueberry as the tasting notes state but that's why tasting is so fun because each of us has a different palate. Very smooth wine with so much flavor. Another awesome wine from the folks at NxNW.


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