Sunday, May 16, 2010

2007 Owen Roe Sharecropper's Cabernet Sauvignon

After over a year since I purchased this excellent cabernet from a wine tasting at First Ave Wine House in Cedar Rapids where I had the opportunity to meet the winemaker David O'Reilly, I figured with his approaching return next week it was time to see how this wine aged. Still excellent folks (for those who were wondering)!

Nice dark cherry hits my nose first on this Cabernet. Blackberry and some slight oak/spice finish my aroma's. Still wonderful deep red color and appears to have aged just fine.

First taste there is a nice dark cherry slightly earthy flavor. Juicy but not sweet. Second some nice dark berry, spice and a smooth easy finish of oak. The finish is so soft for a Cabernet you're almost fooled. I like this even better from the event day and wish I had more. Looking for an enjoyable Cabenet Sauvignon then I suggest Owen Roe. Wonder what gems David will be introducing us to next week!


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