Sunday, May 23, 2010

Howling Moon Pinot Noir Lodi California

Because I was completely out of Pinot (consider crisis mode) I stopped to see my friend Traci at First Ave Wine House . Looking for a Pinot Noir I had not yet tried, I spotted Howling Moon which she said they just started carrying (ironically she uses the same line on me everytime I spot a new one). Traci's Mom even gave it a thumbs up as well. How could I resist now!

Simple flavor pinot with a ripe cherry and spice aroma. Very light in color, but still 13.5% alc.

Nice cherry flavor and very juicy start to finish. Little spice on the end. Definately a light bodied wine. I would say this is a nice wine to start the evening off with friends.



Matt - mmWine said...

Dan - what was the price on this pinot? From the review, it seems like it was a little thin and boring?

DanG said...

Surprisingly not much to this one. Couple flavors, very simple wine. Maybe too young to drink and needs more time.