Monday, May 24, 2010

1st Avenue Wine House Meet The Winemaker David O'Reilly of Owen Roe Winery

Call it one hot evening but cheers to Traci & Ron 1st Ave Wine House for hosting an awesome event featuring a return visit by David O'Reilly winemaker at Owen Roe. I had the opportunity to visit with David discussing the wine he signed for me last year that I felt aged beautifully and drank even better from his last visit. We even discussed the blog and he asked "Can you make any money at it?" $27.00 and almost 2 years later I think we all know the answer. My reward really is when someone likes the wine I reviewed or I helped a winery sell a bottle to a new customer. 12 wines we tasted this evening and once again all were excellent. Even a couple pictures with David signing my bottles (I'll add when I get them sent from the event).

Table 1 started with O'Reilly's Riesling which I found very refreshing. Nice citrus flavor, slight mineral not too sweet awesome riesling. Next I tasted the Sharecropper Pinot which incidently I purchased and Mr O'Reilly signed. Nice cherry and cola on this pinot with a hint of spice at the finish. Great flavor and one of my favorites of the night. 3rd on the list at the first table I tasted the Carvidae Rook Blend (Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah). Plum, cherry, and so silky smooth. Finally I tasted the Corvidae Lenore-Syrah. Spicy and deep purple, I picked up some blackberry. Table 1 conquered and a success.

Table 2 and now the heat has set in. I started with the O'Reilly Pinot Gris. Nice citrus, and tropical fruit. Really crisp and enjoyable. Wine 2 no doubt was the Sharecropper's Cabernet Sauvignon another purchase this evening. Definate cherry, strawberry and dark berry flavor. Love the licorice finish on this wine. 3rd I went for the Abbot's Table Red Blend. Really smooth red wine which I got the flavors or cherry, red and black raspberry. Very juicy from start to finish and the flavors flowed nicely. Finally the ExUmbris Syrah. Dark berry, slight pepper middle and cherry/spice towards the end. Seems like we are going to fast but all the wines so far are extremely good.

Table 3 under the tent started with a Mirth Chardonnay. 100% stainless steel, nice crisp apple and a lemon citrus flavor just begs you to drink more. Love how the flavors explode in your mouth. Everyone seemed to be very complimentary on this chardonnay. Next my favorite a Pinot Noir Killmore. Very smooth, dark cherry, spice and a slight hint of coffee. Excellent wine and  Traci says its her favorite. Finally the Sinister Hand Blend. Dark berry and a spicy pepper finish. A great table full of huge flavored wine.

Inside the wine shop was the final wine of the evening called The Parting Glass. Really sweet wine which smells like a fresh bowl of fruit. I enjoyed the sweetness (which is not normal for me) of the pear/pineapple beginning with the butterscotch in the middle extending all the way to the finish. Some harassment towards the hired help pouring inside (and he loves it) finished the night off perfectly.

Another successful wine tasting from Traci and the gang at 1st Avenue Wine House. Always a great time thanks for making us feel welcome. Thank you Mr. O'Reilly for more awesome wines.


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cellarmistress said...

Oh my gosh! I am so envious!! How cool was your tasting? Ultra cool! Wow! Good for you! That's right, the reward is meeting people like David and sharing the experience and that is worth more than money in my eyes anyway. Very cool!