Thursday, July 8, 2010

2007 Eric Ross Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Poules D'Or

Wine Wednesday as the wine drinkers of twitter and facebook proclaim each "hump day", I decided it was a night for Pinot Noir. Watching Top Chef and listening to Wine Biz Radio I chose the Eric Ross RRV Pinot Noir which I purchased on my recent visit to see owner and winemaker Eric Luse. My wife loved the picture on the bottle which incidently was a photograph taken by Mr. Luse, and said either we buy the bottle or a print of the picture. Yes dear but the picture doesn't hold 4 glasses of heaven :). Guess who won and the bottle is signed!

Pouring this baby into the glass the aroma of cherry fills your nose. Sniff again and pick up some spice and even a hint of coffee but cherry is the dominant aroma as it should be. Nice hint of oak not overpowering.

Just like it tasted at the winery this Pinot is everything you want and more. Bing cherry fills your mouth followed by the suttle spice finish with the hint of oak. Little coffee flavor in the middle. Juicy but so elegant and smooth. Silky from start to finish. Eric relies on great fruit to produce his wines and this one must have golden fruit, its that good.

If you are not a fan of Eric Ross Wine then you should definately taste their award winning wines. Excellent, affordable or damn good take your pick. The winemaker is kind of a nut :) but visit their tasting room and say hello to Diane, Eric or both for me. You will have a blast and get to drink some awesome wine. Thanks Eric for producing some very outstanding juice. I'll always have your wine on hand.


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