Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2009 Titus Sauvignon Blanc

Since the weather had been hot here in the Midwest it was a perfect time to enjoy a crisp white wine and what better than my Titus 09 Sauv Blanc. I picked this beauty up while on my trip to Napa and my stop visiting Christophe at Titus Vineyards tasting some amazing wine.

Once in the glass, a wonderful aroma of lemon and lime starts your senses craving more. Next the citrus/nectarine refreshed the nose. So crisp I'm ready to taste.

First flavor is the lemon which carries throughout the taste start to finish. The nectarine enhances the middle of the wine perfectly and the finish is the lemon/lime combination. Refreshing wine and some amazing fruit in this creation. Perfect balance of flavor and acidity. Sad the bottle is gone but that just means I'll need to order more Christophe.

Wine friends I encourage you to pick up a bottle of Titus Wine today. Outstanding quality wines from Eric and Phillip Titus will treat your palate!


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