Saturday, July 3, 2010

2009 Passaggio New Generation Unoaked Chardonnay

You have to love the motto of owner and winemaker Cindy Cosco when it comes to her Passaggio Wines: "Drink all you want, I can make more". Keeping true to her Italian roots, Cindy is continuing the family Italian winemaking tradition by producing award winning wines. The 2009 Passaggio New Generation Unoaked Chardonnay will impress you.

I love the aroma's this wine produces and each sniff encounters a different combination. First the nose picked up the pear/lemon-lime aroma followed by the tropical fruit and pineapple. Second sniff was opposite with the pineapple/lemon-lime finishing with the pear/tropical fruit. The concentration of fruit and crispness on the nose told me this was going to be one tasty wine.

I told Cindy my first reaction was WOW. So much fruit in the front of this wine starting with the ripe melon. Middle of the wine produces the lemon which carries through to the finish and beyond. Right before the finish is the hint of red grapefruit and the minerality combines nicely at the very end. Each flavor flows perfectly in every glass. Never wanted this bottle to empty. Just means I must order more!

Cindy has a great talent for making amazing wine. I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to her Chardonnay but more important I have gained a friend in her. I will continue to keep her wine on hand in my cellar. Incidently as we were talking about wine regions on my visit, she informed me at no time has she ever tasted an Iowa wine. Well this week Cindy will be receiving a bottle of Cedar Ridge Vineyards Geisenheim grown and produced here locally.

Cheers my friend.

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