Saturday, December 4, 2010

Charity Case Wine 2008 Napa Valley Rose and 2009 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Imagine my curiosity when a box arrived a few weeks ago with 2 bottles of wine produced for the Charity Case Foundation. Who are these folks behind the scenes and what kind of wine do they produce? Before I get into their story may I just say the individuals involved have a heart as big as California and wines that are outstanding.

Jayson Woodbridge of Hundred Acre, Layer Cake and Cherry Pie wines had an idea to create wines which could be sold to benefit Napa Valley Charities. As I learned that vintners were more than happy to contribute juice to produce these wines, it reminded me of my own travel this past June and the wonderful folks of Napa. Pat Woodbridge, Jaysons mother gathered the info to form the foundation. Add in Helen Mawson, Sheila Daugherty and Peggy Garcia. All services volunteered, the wines donated to the foundation are produced throughout Napa Valley and labeled with the Charity Case logo. Isn't it wonderful to know that all monies received are distributed to the charities ( The Wolfe Center , Cope Family Center, Aldea Children and Family Services and Foster Kids Fund). Yes generosity and good will still exists!

I chose to start my tasting with the 2008 Charity Case Rose' which is 100% pure Napa Valley. Lovely strawberry aroma hits the nose first. As a kid we grew rhubarb and I will never forget how pleasant the smell and the wine reminded me of being young again. The taste is to die for. The ripe berry flavors of cranberry, strawberry, raspberry are so juicy. I loved the little hint of white pepper at the end. Outstanding!

Wine 2 was the 2009 Charity Case Sauvignon Blanc which again was 100% pure Napa Valley. Nice citrus aroma of lemon zest, melon and apricot. Really smelled crisp and full of wonderful fruit. Pineapple and melon combine perfectly to start your taste off. The finish is a wonderful creamy coconut. Loved this wine as well. So refreshing!

Please visit their website CharityCase Foundation to order great wine and support a wonderful cause not only during this holiday season but all year long. To the folks at the Foundation, volunteers and all the vintners I applaud you for donating your time so that those less fortunate have opportunities to live happy successful lives. Special thanks to Laura Kirkham for introducing me to these wonderful wines.


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