Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2006 La Sirena Syrah Santa Ynez Valley Skype Taste With Scott Jordan & Heidi Barrett

Love technology and excited about tonights post. Scott Jordan of Cellars Of Sonoma and I have been working on a Skype tasting where I sip the current wine club shipment to coinside with each Tuesday Live show featuring the respective winemaker. Yours truly was projected on the TV in the tasting room (no they didn't run for the exits after seeing this wino from the Midwest) and enjoyed the wine along with the evenings guest Heidi Barrett. Having the opportunity to taste her wine and ask questions was a blast. The wine amazing!

What a great nose on this wine. The ripe plum combined with the spice is perfect. Hints of cranberry and strawberry are evident as well. Excellent red fruit aroma.

Scott and Kevin told me I would be in for a treat and they were correct. Cranberry and cherry followed by clove/spice with a slight hint of smokey oak on the finish. So smooth and silky. Heidi I see why your wine making is in such demand! Truly an awesome wine.

Scott I'm glad we were able to skype taste and can't thank you enough. Looking forward to the next 3 weeks and those wines. Folks tune in each Tuesday at 6pm pacific by clicking the link TV Tuesday Live which can also be found on their website. It's a ton of fun and full of knowledge. You get to meet winemakers, pick their brains from philosphy to production to farming techniques. Oh and buy some wine if you stop by the tasting room especially tonights portfolio from La Sirena


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