Sunday, August 28, 2011

2008 TR Elliott Three Plumes Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

TV Tuesday was the setting for today's blog post as Scott Jordan of Cellars of Sonoma hosted winemaker Ted Elliott and his Pinot Noir portfolio. Regular viewers know that Scott sent me the wine club shipment so I could taste along with them and comment during the show. Mr. Elliott is always a very informative guest and you really get the sense for his passion of making the best wine possible. Three Plumes will not disappoint the Pinot Lover and I even dubbed him on the show "Pinot King".

The aroma on this wine I feel is the best of all 3 Pinots Ted creates. On the nose you first get a rush of cherries, raspberry, followed by fresh rose pedals, spice and that RRV earthiness. Talking with Scott's son Kevin, he asked how the wine tasted and I had to admit tasting was the farthest thing from my mind. I wanted to swirl and smell all evening.

The flavor is stunning! Fresh raspberry, cherry, with the spice evident in the middle of the taste. Towards the end a quick hint of the orange peel and finishing with a beautiful earthiness that screams guess where I came from. The fruit/spice is intense yet the wine silky and smooth. I asked Ted what advice he would give someone wanting to make Pinot and to no surprise the answer revolved around the fruit and vineyard. You have a true gift Ted!

Scotty it's 2 for 2 on delicious wines you sent. Thanks I am having a blast. Check out Scott and the gang at Cellars of Sonoma the next time you visit "Beautiful Railroad Square Downtown Santa Rosa California." Pinot lovers I highly recommend you start drinking TR Elliott wines.


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Theodore Elliott said...


Thanks for your questions during the show! Really kept me on my feet.

It was wonderful to share the the aroma of this wine with you across half the continent, you in Iowa and me in California. Mother nature dealt me great hand with this wine; it was a pleasure to share it with you.