Friday, March 30, 2012

2009 Joseph Jewell Pinot Noir Floodgate Vineyard Russian River Valley on TV Tuesday

Lets start this post out by saying I died and went to Pinot Heaven! Tonight on Cellars of Sonoma TV Tuesday we had the pleasure of tasting Joseph Jewell's Floodgate Vineyard Pinot while chatting with owner/winemaker Adrian Manspeaker (yes you too Scott Jordan). Present and accounted for where bloggers Dezel Quillen, Jodi Fritch and Shawn Burgert my colleagues from VA, FL and CA.

Joseph Jewell wines created by 2 very good friends in (drumroll) a garage no less. 2006 the year Micah "Joseph" Wirth and Adrian "Jewell" Manspeaker purchased a ton of pinot grapes, 2 french barrels and small basket press to produce their first vintage of 50 cases. Driven by a passion for making great wine, friends with empty glasses ready to critique the finished product, the wine was a huge hit. Six years later and going strong, the two are producing wines scored above 90. The fruit is sourced from vineyards Floodgate, Redwood Ranch, Grist, Elk Prairie, and Appian Way. Micah and Adrian work closely with the vineyard owners having built a firm relationship with the growers. What this means for you and I is quality grapes in every bottle of juice. Production includes Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose of Pinot and the wine they are still most passionate with (and my favorite or they wouldn't call me Miles) Pinot Noir.

How was the wine you ask? Revert to paragraph 1 line 1 "heaven". The moment the cork was removed and pouring commenced, ripe cherry with cola notes scream from the glass. Bright fruit and so aromatic. Cinnamon spice with hints of clove, strawberry and cranberry as you continue to sniff and swirl. Normally on an RRV Pinot earthy mushroom is huge yet on this one it was so subtle I almost missed the aroma. Beautifully done gentlemen. By the way readers, the Floodgate Vineyard is located in the Russian River Valley next to the Mark West Creek. Each year the flat areas of the vineyard flood hence the name. This just became another of my "favorite" vineyards.

Amazing Pinot Noir. Fresh cherry, strawberry and cranberry to start off your tasting pleasure. Towards the middle of the taste here comes the spice combination which compliments the fruit but doesn't overpower. The finish is long and juicy with a slight hint of earthy oak. I can taste your passion in every sip. Silky and so elegant. Bravo!

Scott you were spot on with this selection. Folks check out Santa Rosa's favorite stop for great wine and entertainment Cellars of Sonoma
Adrian great answers to all the questions. Learned alot about the wines this evening and my compliments to you and Micah. For those wanting to learn more about them visit their website Joseph Jewell Wines


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