Saturday, March 10, 2012

2010 James Family Cellars Chardonnay Sonoma Coast on TV Tuesday Live

Normally on Tuesday evening I'm glued to my computer watching Scott Jordan and participating in TV Tuesday Live from Cellars of Sonoma. Slight conflict this past week (child's choir concert and her first solo which was just awesome) so I tasted the night before in order to share my thoughts with Jeff and Judy James.

"A family owned boutique winery dedicated to the production of artisinal wines which showcase the world class grapes that we grow" is evident in each James Family Cellars bottle. Tonight's Gold Medal Winner from the San Francisco Chronicle's Wine Competition was a special Chardonnay.

In the glass the first aromas to hit my nose were the rich butter and creamy toasted oak. Ripe green apple and pear quickly follow with hints of fresh cut melon and citrus. When the wine warms slightly peach notes are present. A wine I could swirl and smell all day. Love the aromatics flowing from the glass.

Exquisite flavor. The ripe pear stays in the mouth from start to finish. Apple with hints of tangerine and peach greet you in the middle. Towards the finish the lemon citrus and soft oak combine with a beautiful minerality to complete the wine. Absolutely spoiled drinking this wine and its why I enjoy handcrafted boutique juice.

Scott you chose the perfect wine to start this segments tasting and your club members are going to love them. Jeff and Judy thank you for producing some of the finest wines on the market today.


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Wandering Wino said...

It was a good bottle of juice Dan! I agree with some great aromatics. I picked up barrel impartations like vanilla and butterscotch that left a long finish that had me wanting more. Nice write up.

Look forward to Tuesday nights talking wine with you on live stream.