Saturday, March 3, 2012

2010 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc + Viognier

Many of my good wine friends speak well of the Pine Ridge portfolio of wines. It's my duty as a grape juice lover to seek out such bottles. Tough job and I'm just the right fit.

Born in 1978 by Gary Andrus, Pine Ridge Vineyards has grown over the years into a 200 acre estate covering 5 well respected Napa Valley appellations (Carneros, Howell Mountain, Rutherford, Oakville and Stags Leap District). The core winemaking philosophy/belief still exists today, showcase the unique characteristics of each vineyard in every wine. A huge part of that philosophy is knowing and understanding each vineyards soil content, the weather effects on the vineyard plus the rootstocks which will produce the very best fruit. Winemakers will tell you wine is first made in the vineyard. Check out their website by clicking the link Pine Ridge Vineyards to learn more about their story.

So what did I think of tonight's bottle? Absolutely delicious! Rich vibrant fruit in every sniff. First a beautiful vanilla aroma followed by ripe pear, fresh green apple, juicy peach, lemon zest and a slight hint of melon. As the wine warms in the glass grapefruit makes an appearance.

Excellent flavor with each taste. Ripe peach followed by pear and apple. Towards the middle of the taste the melon/lemon makes an appearance and the finish is grapefruit and a slight hint of minerality with honey. Crisp, refreshing lovely white wine from Pine Ridge. My friends were correct they do produce great wine and I am on a quest to taste more.


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Pine Ridge Vineyards said...


Thank you for the great review of our Chenin Blanc ~ Viognier. Wait till you try the 2011.

From your friends at PRV.