Saturday, January 5, 2013

Frances Mayes's Bramasole Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imagine my elation when asked if I would love to finish my meals with some of the best tasting olive oil produced. Under The Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes, hand picks her olives from her home Villa Bramasole (I'm sure Edward helps too). Made in the artisanal manner, they grind the olives without using heat. What I have is first cold pressed olive oil which many Italian families adore and incorporate with their meals.

Notice in the picture a small can and large bottle. The small can is from olives picked October 25th and is deep green in color, cloudy with a bitter character. Italians and oil experts consider those attributes to be perfect olive oil. Extremely bitter means the olives were picked before they were completely ripe. A touch of bitter means they were picked at the perfect time. After a few month's the oil in the small can will naturally filter itself and sediment will fall to the bottom of the can (no longer cloudy). The larger bottle is filtered and beautiful clear green color with amazing flavor. I use olive oil religiously in dishes but the enhanced flavor of Frances's oil is unmatched. An olive in every bite.
One of the dishes I love drizzling olive oil over the finished product is chicken, fresh sauteed peppers on a bed of white rice. Another dish (not pictured) is yellow squash and zucchini sauteed with cherry tomatoes on angel hair pasta. Drizzle fresh lemon juice and olive oil just before heaven. Highly recommend preparing a plate of this olive oil sprinkled with fresh parmesan cheese grated and fresh cracked black pepper. Dip warm Italian herb bread and enjoy!

Frances and Edward thank you for introducing me to what olive oil should really be.....perfect. Chef Robin White you know my love of fresh cooking and I was touched you thought of me! Order yours today by clicking the link Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes

Fresh is the best. Eat well my friends!


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