Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2006 DuNah Montre Red Wine Mendocino On TV Tuesday Live

What an awesome wine tonight on TV Tuesday the 06 Montre from owners Rick and Diane Dunah with winemaker Greg La Follette. I think Greg could do a comedy tour or Rick could as well. I asked Greg what his favorite varietal to produce is and why...."Whatever wine my wife likes!" Scott gave him kudos on that one. Rick was asked his favorite wine and food pairing "Whatever food and wine I'm having at the time." Laurel & Hardy ride again! The wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Syrah, Carignane with a splash of Gewurztaminer to calm this little rascal  down. Greg called it young with many more years to grow. The wine was barrel aged for 30 months.

Beautiful nose of dark fruit. Black cherry, blackberry with a nice dark pepper spice. Hints of expresso, mocha, cocoa and cedar. Allowing the wine to open up the pepper spice flows into chocolate mocha which then releases the dark cherry ending with the blackberry and cedar. Amazing!

Montre is why you should drink small production wines. Cherry, black pepper spice finishing with raspberry and blackberry. While the finish was long there was this most amazing silky smooth ending to this luscious bottle. Scott raves about Greg's wine making ability and Ricks attention to the vineyard, well gentlemen you have expressed your style very well in this bottle. Actually every bottle of the DuNah portfolio is delicious.

Stop into Cellars of Sonoma and taste the DuNah Winery portfolio. It's some of the best juice your palate will ever enjoy. Scott, Greg, Rick thanks so much for letting us spend the hour with you learning about your wine making techniques and philosophy. Sipping this juice was a treat.


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