Saturday, May 25, 2013

2011 Fogline Vineyards Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir Sun Chase Vineyard

Growing high up in the Sonoma Mountains in the Pentaluma Gap region above the fog line, we find the grapes for my Cellar Angel purchase from Fogline Vineyards. A perfect region for growing world class pinot noir because of the cool breeze and fog which blows through the gap, the fruit is well balanced and creates focused wines. Brent Bessire and Evan Pontoriero are creating wonderful juice for us to enjoy.

The nose is full of beautiful ripe cherry and fresh scents of pine. I felt like I was sniffing my wine among christmas trees. Ground clove with hints of strawberry and earthy herbs as the wine opens. Really love the nose on this pinot.

Big fan of sonoma coast pinot for its fruit forward bright characteristics. Big cherry pie with cranberry and strawberry notes. In classic form, cinnamon and cloves compliment the fruit and enhance the flavor of the wine. Elegant yet beautifully structured. Some of the finest pinot noir I have tasted.

The views are stunning from Fogline Vineyards and the wine exquisite. Once you pop a cork I think you too will agree! Thanks to Cellar Angels for showcasing this winery and allowing us "Angels" to purchase, sip and enjoy small production wine while making a difference for others. Won't you consider joining wine lovers across the country and become an angel!



Cynthia Cosco said...

Sounds great Dan...nice post BTW

Evan Pontoriero said...

Thanks for the review Dan! We are glad you liked the Sun Chase Pinot. It really is a special location for that varietal.