Saturday, May 18, 2013

Social Media...Have you jumped on the Train

The great debate among many people I have spoken with revolves around a small business (winery) unable to afford the benefits of social media. It's too expensive, there are too many so-called experts who promise the moon and under deliver, my customers aren't engaged in social media why should I, no time. The list goes on.

"A winery available, listening and interacting online with the consumer is a winery which is increasing it's brand awareness". Some of my favorites include Cline Cellars, Passaggio, Cornerstone Cellars, St Supery, Ceja Vineyards, Jean Edwards, Somerston, Napa Valley Wine and Cigar just to name a few. They take the time to promote new releases, talk about tasting notes etc with their online followers. Posting pictures of bottling or harvest it's all key to growing your brand. Each of these folks will tell you how important technology is to their daily routine. Think about the customers they reach with almost everyone having a smartphone at their fingertips. Liquid gold just like their wine.

Let's concentrate on boutique productions. After a long day at the winery or tasting room the last thing the winemaker wants is to spend hours on computers. He or she may want to out source but that can be expensive and cut into profits. They should find someone who is personable, willing to tailor a program geared toward the needs of small producers, trustworthy, economical and great at listening. Do not settle for anything less. It's a great way to build your brand and maximize profits.

How will the new government mandate on language required when using social media to sell your wine come into play? Video's, blogs, special sales they seem all to be affected. Click the link Federal Mandates to see what may be required. Social Media is becoming a new way of life for small business.....are you along for the ride? When government wants to intervene you know its a hot commodity.

Social media is evolving daily with several platforms offering you the chance to build your customer base. Whether a small winery or small business, technology plays a huge roll in today's business models and keeping up to date means one step ahead of the competition. The train is leaving the station.....are you onboard?


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