Thursday, July 3, 2014

2011 Cornerstone Napa Valley Cabernet Franc, Black Label Stepping Stone Cuvée

*Sample Received*

Big fan of Cabernet Franc and tonight's wine from Cornerstone Cellars in beautiful Yountville. I love the area of the tasting room with the many shops and restaurants sprinkled in the relaxed atmosphere. The wines are not about statistics or points, but the vision of Jeff Keene, Michael Dragutsky and Craig Camp. Its about the vineyards and capturing the balance and character of each with every glass. Always a special time when a guest're treated like royalty.

Really nice nose with ripe cherry and raspberry. Floral notes of wild violets and lavender. Spice is dried herbs of rosemary and thyme. Beautiful layers of aromas and as you sniff you picture yourself on a bluff overlooking the vineyard with a crisp breeze in your face.

The red fruit really shines in the mouth. Raspberry and cherry intertwined with each sip. Wild violets, black tea with hints of blueberry and vanilla. The finish is so soft and silky. Complex yet elegant. Seriously great wine and a steal for $45.

A trip to wine country is an experience you will never forget. Tasting exceptional wines at Cornerstone Cellars is a must.

*Sample Received*



Jeff Stevenson said...

Probably one of my absolute favorite Cabernet Franc's that are currently being made out of Napa. So good that I texted Craig Camp and gave him kudos the other night after I got into a bottle.

Dan Goderis said...

Jeff they are nailing it at Cornerstone Cellars