Thursday, July 10, 2014

David Pack's Napa CrossRoads A Collaboration Of Beautiful Wine Songs

I'm always looking for easy listening music and I'm really impressed with David Pack's Napa Crossroads a collaboration with Silver Oak, Far Niente, Pride Mountain Vineyards, Gargiulo Vineyards & Casa Piena. I can honestly say I've sipped the grape juice while listening and I love to play it in my car on the way to work.

David's quote "Wine is important to culture and civilization. It's used Biblically in sacraments and miracles and for me Napa Valley has been a source of infinite inspiration and wonder"

The lyrics in each song have a special meaning and there is an inspiration message in the words. A booklet inside takes an in depth look into each song and lyric giving background on the winery. I learned new facts about each winery and vineyard and how each song relates to it. Every song is awesome but my favorites include O' Blessed Vine, Full House Full Heart, Every Time I Look At You, April Born In May just to name a few.

The cover captures the beautiful Napa countryside as well as the cast involved in the creation both at work and play. Well done to each of the collaborators and especially you David. You have reinforced my love of Napa! Check out the link Napa CrossRoads to learn more and purchase your own copy. You won't be disappointed I promise. "Crossroads Bound" and happy listening.


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