Saturday, July 19, 2014

Home Wine Storage

I'm asked from time to time about home wine storage whether I prefer the quiet thermoelectric units or those with a compressor. I can say that both serve their purpose of keeping your wine collection properly stored but I tend to lean towards those with a compressor like the NewAir AWC-330E 33 bottle compressor wine cooler with digital temperature. Thermoelectrics are just fine it's the preference of the buyer.

The design of the AWC-330E is very user friendly. Sleek design which fits under your counter, in your home wine bar or kitchen. the unit is free standing and not a build in which is another huge plus. Your friends will be able to view the wine collection through the insulated smoked glass door with interior light to illuminate the bottles. The lock is another great feature to ensure if you have children the bottles remain safe. Big bonus stainless steel (everybody seems to want this now) with black accents. The digital temp control is very easy to use and the unit keeps the temp very consistent.

The one drawback is if you are a pinot and sparkling wine drinker then it will hold slightly less than 33 bottles. I have the same problem and because I receive so many bottles like these I have 2 units....1 for standard bottles and one for over sized. I'm not advocating you purchase two I merely want you to understand it will hold less.

I receive favorable feedback from wino's who have purchased as a result of a fewof my referrals:

Aaron K Columbia Missouri- Dan this by far is the best wine cooler I have owned. My wine is always safe and served at the correct temp. Thanks for the tip.

Sue B Des Moines Iowa- My husband bought the cooler for my birthday. I can't imaging how I lived without it. Thanks for telling me about Air N Water

Darren S Dallas Texas- Thanks for the tip on the cooler Dan. Love the look and performance. Now my wife and I go through twice as much wine.

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