Saturday, October 24, 2009

2007 Apex Cellars Chardonnay

Please admire this fine photographic event. Appears the camera operator (ahem) may have been off kilter as the picture leans left. No idea why and one can only guess grape juice was involved :).

What a great bottle of wine this 2007 Apex Cellars Chardonnay from Columbia Valley Washington turned out to be as my my first from Apex Cellars.

First sniff gave me the fresh crisp ripe apple aroma as if I were standing in an orchard. Next was a comination of lemon juice/zest as if fresh squeezed into my glass, a slight pear aroma and finally finishing with my favorite vanilla and oak.

Very nice first taste. Buttery, creamy vanilla, apple and oak. My god have I gone to heaven? Excellent smooth chardonnay. Each glass impressed me more with the layers of flavors. Apple followed by creamy butter vanilla and just the right amount of oak at the finish. I'll need to stop back and see my friend Traci at 1st Ave Wine and buy more of this chardonnay.



The Wine Whore said...

Sounds excellent! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! I just picked up a a bottle at alocal grocery outlet for $4.99. Sounds like I may have found a great deal!

Anonymous said...

Just opened a bottle and am not quite sure about this one. A bit heavy with oak and not the "buttery" Chardonnay I am used to. I will give it a short time to open up and report back. Apex is usually a very nice wine...

Anonymous said...

Just had another glass and will be taking the unopened bottles back! Heavy alchohol/oak with a bitter "ink" finish :( I guess there is a reason I picked it up for 4.99 a bottle!