Sunday, October 18, 2009

2008 Russian Jack Pinot Noir Martinborough New Zealand

Well this is my first Pinot Noir from New Zealand and I will say very surprised and very pleased. Yes my New Zealand friends you make good wine.

First in the glass the aroma of dark fruit come to the forefront. Strawberry still dominant followed by plum (fooled me) then spice. I pick up some leather/oak as well. Nice color.

Taste and its wow!. Nice combination of the juicy strawberry, spice and is that chocolate at the end? Seems earthy but not sure if my taste buds are off. I do get a lingering oak taste. Keep this one on hand. Nice price at $14.99.



jaimerroy said...

Hi Dan

Great to see you are experiancing some NZ Pinots. If this is your first one I think you are in for treat. We have to some truly amazing Pinots from New Zealands Martinborough region and also my home region Central Otago.

Look forward to following you on twitter

Cheers from NZ

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Saw you tried some NZ Pinot Noir This winery is in our district Glad you enjoyed it.
Look forward to following you on twitter Have a great day cheers Larry. @LarryMcPinot