Sunday, October 4, 2009

Barefoot Pinot Noir

Every now and then I get a little nuts, see a bottle and buy it for the name. Barefoot has a Pinot Noir and its on sale for $4.99? Oh kill me with curiosity because I'm not going home without it. Plus isn't this the official wine of the beach volleyball tour?

Ok so I pour the glass and yes it smells like real wine. Cherry, vanilla, red berry somewhat fruity. Seems to have traits of a pinot noir. Heck let's have a taste.
Fine its much sweeter than my liking for a pinot noir but actually this isn't bad all things considered to this point. Juicy cherry, red raspberry and spice. This wine reminds me of thanksgivings when I was younger and grandma served wine (the all popular white zinfandel because she said it went with everything).
I bet I would have like this wine more if I was drinking it with those professional beach volleyball gals :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, there are days for amazing wine and there are days for $5 wine -- we've all been there (probably more often in this economy than we used to). And some of it isn't half bad. I don't think I've tried anything from Barefoot but the bubbly, which I remember thinking was ideal mimosa fodder.

The Wine Whore said...

Crush is right, the bubbly is great for mimosas! Also not too bad by itself.

I have a bottle of this Pinot Noir laying around, maybe I should crack into and see how it treats me!


Anonymous said...

actually just cracked a bottle from 08 last night my grand mother had in a cabnet. The wine actually aged well the vanillas were a lot more prominent and not too sweet or dull but a really good cheap bottle butthis must be due to the few. years it has been in the cabinet