Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2006 Willow Crest Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley Washington

When I first purchased this wine from my friend Traci (courtesy of a birthday gift certificate) the only thing I knew was the store had a couple followers. My first 2006 Willow Crest Cabernet Franc Yakima Valley Washington was in fact very good and I can now understand why there is a following.
Once the bottle was open and poured a real wonderful scent of red berry and cherry really hit my nose. Leather, cola, spice and oak rounded out my additional "whiffs".
My first drink was definately a blast of juicy cherry and completely different from my expectation (in my mind dry, bold flavors of a cabernet). With each taste the flavor of red berry was evident along with an earthy oak finish. The juicy berry flavor holds from start to finish which surprised me for such a light wine (I'm used to flavors where the first is not necessarily the last).
While this may be my first cabernet franc it won't be my last especially if they are all this good. I will serve this one to the friends next time so off for another bottle.

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