Thursday, March 3, 2011

2007 Alexander Valley Vineyards Merlot Alexander Valley

Having talked with Harry Wetzel on numerous occasions online I was so thrilled to find some of the wine in my local area I just had to grab a bottle to drink. I chose the 2007 Merlot one because I tend to shy away from the grape not having enough knowledge about it but also because the Wetzel name is synonymous with very good wine the merlot must be good one.

Excellent nose on this wine with a wonderful spice and ripe blackberry and dark cherry. Hint of fresh plum and rounding out with a nice touch of oak.

The blackberry and black cherry so juicy and a nice long finish. The spice compliments the wine perfectly. Slight hint of plum in the middle of the taste with a touch of vanilla. Wonderful smooth wine right now I can't wait to see how it ages and gets better.

Really enjoyed the opportunity to taste this Merlot from Alexander Valley Vineyards and glad I chose this wine to add to the blog. I can't wait to taste many more of their fine wines.


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