Friday, March 11, 2011

2008 Black Stallion Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Scouring my local wine store (my good friend Traci at 1st Avenue Wine House who by the way was in napa while I was shopping) and craving some cabernet I spotted this lovely Napa Valley Cab from the folks at Black Stallion Estate Winery located on the beautiful Silverado Trail in Napa. The winery is open daily 10-4 for your tasting pleasure and a highly recommended stop!

I'm guessing there are a few reading this thinking "It's an 08 Cabernet why don't you allow the wine to age awhile?" Good point but then what fun would that be for me :) What a wonderful nose on this wine. When first poured in the glass a huge lucious dark cherry aroma fills the nose. Fresh plum greets you on your next swirl and finishes with a rich spice.

Excellent flavor! The taste starts you off with a ripe fruit berry jam sensation (dark cherry, blackberry, plumb, hint of red raspberry) which was tremendously delicious. Towards the middle a hint of chocolate and finishes with just a touch of spice and oak. While this was my first wine from Black Stallion it won't be my last.


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Darrell Andersen said...

2 bottles in storage, Thx for the review. Traci appreciates it as well.