Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2007 Bone Dance Merlot Napa Valley JAQK Cellars

Tonights wine was a sample sent to me and is the 07 Merlot from JAQK Cellars in beautiful San Francisco. You see from the previous post I was very impressed with their chardonnay and honestly this merlot is really really good. Merlot is making a comeback and folks are taking notice.

Big aroma as I poured this wine. Rich dark cherry starts your sniffing pleasure. Next comes the raspberry, licorice and finishes with a wonderful earthiness (for my followers you know how I enjoy that aroma earth). My wife would describe the aromas as "potent" to which I would laugh and say yes dear ripe fruit.

Definate full bodied wine in my opinion rich defined flavors. Love the combination of the black cherry followed by the black raspberry. Very juicy from start to finish. I get a slight hint of licorice, plum and oak towards the end. Highly recommend this merlot to drink and share with your friends.


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