Sunday, July 3, 2011

2006 Spell Wine Spellonu Red Napa Valley

Today's wine comes courtesy of my friend Traci as a new wine in her store. The 2006 Spellonu Red is produced by Kristen Spelletich as a second label (Spell Wine) at the family business Spelletich Family Winery. Time for a little research.

Started in 1994 by winemaker Barb Spelletich along with Tim Spelletich and joined in 2004 by daughter Kristen, the winery produces 3000 cases under the namesake label from some of the finest napa vineyards. Spell Wine produces around 5000 cases per year. All three of them have an extensive backround in the wine and hospitality industry and its no wonder they produce some very tasty juice. I encourage you to read their story more Spelletich Family Winery

The 06 Spellonu is a blend of 59% Cabernet Sauvignon and 41% Merlot. Loved the aroma on the wine with the dark berry really coming to the front. Blackberry, plum, a hint black raspberry, leather and spice all were pleasing to the nose.

The longer in the glass the more the wine mellowed. Big dark fruit at the beginning of the wine taste. The blackberry so bold and the plum softened as you got to the middle where I found a nice hint of sweet juicy raspberry. The finish was earthy/oak with some spice and then the bitter sweet chocolate.

Kristen a very nice wine and great price point! Love the quote on the website "My generation are visual buyers (referring to the edgy labels she created). The label, the price point is what’s important to us. We don’t read reviews."  Just like wine should be......simply enjoyed!


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