Sunday, July 10, 2011

2007 Boedecker Athena Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon

Today's post comes courtesy of the Oregon wine country and a purchase of the 07 Boedecker Athena Pinot Noir. Founded in 2003 in Carleton Oregon and then 5 years later a move to their own winery in Portland, the winemakers Stewart and Athena, are committed to producing small lot, naturally crafted, small production Oregon wines. The wines they produce have minimal intervention as many a great winemaker will tell you its all about the fruit. Interesting is from the creation of the winery the closure on the bottle has always been a screw cap. Their Pinot Noir is aged 18 months, bottled then held for an additional 6-9 months before being released.

Nice aroma on this wine with black berry and dark cherry at first. Spice and earthiness greet your senses next with a slight hint of smokey oak at the end. Classic Pinot aromas and gets me excited for the taste.

Wonderful fruit flavor, well balanced just a joy to drink. The begining brought the ripe lucious cherry followed by raspberry and a hint of strawberry. The combination of spice on the finish and that touch of oak/earthiness was excellent. As I continued to taste the flavors changed places with raspberry and strawberry taking their place at the front. Quality wine and one I highly recommend. Another bottle of the same sits in my cellar and I will age it one year and can't wait to see how the wine gets even better.

If you're visiting Portland stop by 2621 NW 30th Ave for a taste. You can also visit their website Boedecker Cellars to learn more about them and purchase wine.


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