Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2010 Stepping Stone (By Cornerstone Cellars) Rocks White Wine Napa Valley

Cornerstone Cellars tasting room located at 6505 Washington Street in Yountville has a very relaxed/friendly setting to taste some very good wine. Visitors have the opportunity to taste both Cornerstone and Stepping Stone wines at their leisure. Craig and the staff do a wonderful job and its a must stop for me on my visits to Napa.

Tonights wine a sample received was the 2010 Napa Valley Rocks White Wine. In the glass the multiple fruit aromas were awesome. The wine started with a lemon citrus zest, a hint of grapefruit, a blast of tropical fruit all on day one. The next day pear, green apple and peach were the dominant aromas. Loved how this wine evolved from one day to the next.

I served the wine first with grilled yellow squash and zucchini drizzled with olive oil plus a garnish of lemon thyme. The meat was grilled chicken. The lemon citrus flavor was perfect at the beginning. A hint of grapefruit in the middle followed by the fresh tropical fruit. Great pairing. The next day I tasted the wine green apple and pear were present and the finish ripe peach/nectarine. Crisp, clean and refreshing love the versatility.

To learn more about Cornerstone and Stepping Stone wines visit their website today.


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