Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Evening With Deering Wine on TV Tuesday From Cellars Of Sonoma

*Samples received for the show*

The newest addition to the tasting room at Cellars Of Sonoma is Deering Wine with an award winning lineup. Scott is very particular when it comes to bringing in new wineries to the tasting room and I knew when he reached out for me to gather some friends to help taste, he was excited to tell everyone about Deering. Todd and Blair Maus owners were there to kick off the show along with Scott and the chirping bookends of Al Kaplan and Hans Dipple (the latter 2 were intent on taking over the show). By the way my "wine group" who I share wines like these with were all very complimentary and enjoyed the many sips offered to them. Scott informed me after the show that these wines have been a huge hit in the tasting room since there were introduced.

Up first the 2012 Camp 4 Vineyard Grenache Blanc Santa Barbara County. I'll admit I've never tasted a grenache blanc and knew little about the wine but boy am I a fan now. Green apple on the nose with kiwi fruit and a hint of allspice. In the mouth the green apple and kiwi are such a wonderful refreshing sensation then you get some allspice and juicy pear. Crisp and clean. If blind tasting you would guess this wine incorrectly I might add as an unoaked chardonnay (I'm just assuming). Beautiful nose, mouth and a steal at $27 per bottle for this small production gem.

The 2010 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir was next and another hit with the tasters and yours truly (remember all those folks who referred to me as a pinot snob well they are in for a surprise). The nose is just awesome with red ripe cherry, fresh roses and rhubarb, a nice splash of cola with hints of black tea and forest. The wine evolved and took on it's own life the longer it remained in the glass and likewise on day 2. The mouth was classic with the rich cherry and tart rhubarb and followed with cola and tea notes. The earthy character was still present along with a pleasing wildflower accent. Quality Pinot Noir and priced at $50. Can you see the smile on my face yet?

Wine 3 was the 2010 Maus Vineyard Zinfandel and my #1 of the night (see I told you above). The nose is very nice with smoked blackberry and plum with a nice little white pepper spice. I also get some red berry nuances as I continue to swirl. The mouth was a fooler and honestly my first comment was "Are you sure this is Zinfandel?" The softness of this wine is downright amazing. Plum and blackberry with raspberry and pomegranate is just beautiful. The pepper spice warms the mouth and belly and the creamy caramel gives it the elegant feel. My wine friends felt the same way and chose this as the favorite.Best In Class Winner at the 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Priced at $42

Up next the 2010 Ideal Sonoma Valley Red Wine. A blend of cabernet, syrah, petite sirah and zinfandel with the blend percentage changing every year. On the nose plum, raspberry, blackberry with hints of dark cherry. Dried herbs of thyme, oregeno and rosemary along with floral notes. The mouth is rich with  juicy cherry, raspberry and plum. Violets and dried herbs with a hint of pepper. Nice flow to this wine and I anticipated a big chewy wine but again elegant and soft but with a little kick. I would love to pair this with a nice rustic veggie and beef roast dish. This wine was a Double Gold Winner and priced at $45.

Last wine of the evening the 2009 Nelligan Road Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma Valley. On the nose dark cherry and plum with cinnamon clove spice. Hints of leather and green tea with the slightest smokey oak note. Very pleasing to the senses! The mouth blackberry, raspberry, dark plum with a nice juicy cherry flow from start to finish. The cinnamon spice is a very nice compliment to the fruit and I get an earthy character on the end. I craved a nice beef filet after tasting this excellent cabernet. Priced at $65 and well worth the money.

Many thanks to Blair and Todd Maus for introducing us to their wines and letting us hear their story and passion for winemaking. Special thanks to Mr Scott Jordan who includes me in these special tastings and expands my palate with these small production boutique wines. Hands down one of the best TV Tuesday tastings. Scott my wine group thanks you as well and asked when I will be ordering.

*Samples received for the show*


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