Saturday, September 26, 2009

2001 King Estate Pinot Noir Oregon

The Friday wine taste was absent most of the group due to vacations and other planned events. Yours truly forgot the camera so its a bottleless view this week. Just happened that a bottle was donated by a part time member of the group so rather than open up a bunch we decided this to be our bottle and we will save the others for next week.
The 2001 King Estate Pinot Noir received the "it's good" rating from the group (simple minded wino's). Its our first wine from King Estate.

In the glass the aroma of strawberry, spice, cola, red berry and leather was present. Very nice on the nose I thought.

Nice raspberry start followed by the strawberry and finally a slight spice/oak finish once we drank. For Pinot Noir fans I would recommend you purchase a bottle and share this wine with your friends.


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Tom said...

King Estate Winery, Willamette Valley, Oregon is where God had in mind when he first thought of Pinot Noir.

I've been a fan of Pinot Noir since I lived in San Diego years ago. An old Italian small-time hood told me that, "In the old country, "Pinot Noir is the wine of choice used to soften up virgins on their wedding night..." As he poured a glass, I wondered why he offered the glass to me. Perhaps it was just based on wishful thinking but, since then Pinot Noir has been my wine of choice.

Until the last few years California Pinot Noirs were consistently superb. Following "the movie" every California winery jumped on the bandwagon and the price per bottle increased by $5; average quality when down the tube.

Very few California wineries are in geographic locations conducive to the production of premium Pinot Noir wines.

The Willamette Valley in Oregon, on the other hand is the flip-side of the coin. It was made for Pinot Noir and King Estate must have written the book.

Vintages from '05 to '08 have been excellent. All I can say is, "It just plain drinks great!" I'll let Dan find the strawberries and cola. :o)