Saturday, January 15, 2011

2002 Tenuta Vitanza Quadrimendo Italy

The always fun trip to the wine store 1st Avenue Wine House to see my friend Traci (and she greets me like family which is what I love about going in there), the quest was for a nice italian wine because it had been awhile. After the usual me flipping her crap and I getting much more in return :) I headed upstairs to the Italian wine section.There I spotted todays offering the 2002 Quadrimendo a nice red wine showcasing the Sangiovese and Merlot grapes.

Nice fruit aroma, dark and rich. The blackberry is very dominant in the beginning of the smell followed by a hint of black currant. Towards the middle I get a little hint of juicy raspberry followed by a wonderful earthy aroma. Looks very silky smooth in the glass to me a sign its fine wine.

Yum! The silky juicy blackberry starts off your tasting pleasure so smooth you really forget its wine. Layers of licorice, raspberry, chocolate follow and the finish just the slightest hint of oak. Wonderful combination of complex flavors. Priced at $20, an excellent value.


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