Sunday, January 9, 2011

2007 Kris Pinot Noir Italy

Exploring different pinots to me is such a thrill. What region did they come and what characteristics do they showcase? Does my palate love one region over another (I have not even broke the surace in CA, OR, Italy, New Zealand).  How is the price relative to the taste (great wine comes with a price and I love great wine). I was very surprised as my oldest dropped off a bottle of 2007 Kris Pinot Noir from Italy. Dad I bought you the bottle because the label was cool looking :). I figured out quickly this was a new product carry in my area and the price range is $10.99 to $13.99 depending where you purchase.

The wine comes from the Apennine foothills of Oltrepò Pavese in Pavia Province, Lombardy known for it's mild days and cool nights. So how did my nose like this Pinot? A lot of red and black fruit on each swirl and smell. First aroma was the a wonderful combination of cherry and red raspberry with a hint of earthiness. Next some black raspberry and blackberry. Excellent ripe fruit aromas.

As in the aroma the fruit flavor was very juicy. Raspberry, cherry, blackberry, black cherry with each sip. What I felt the wine lacked for me was some spice on the end. Maybe I drank it too young? It would be a nice evening starter wine for a gathering at your home or party though in my opinion especially for those who prefer a lighter wine.

Imagine the first blog post of the year being a pinot noir :)


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