Thursday, June 24, 2010

2008 Ceja Vineyards Bella Flor Rose Sonoma Coast

One of my favorite stops recently on our trip to Napa, friends bragged that Ceja Vineyards produced a knockout Rose which sells quickly. Having the opportunity to taste this wonderful Rose wine with owner Amelia Ceja, it took approximately 2 seconds to determine the wine would be purchased and headed back to Iowa.

Love the aroma on this wine. First a hint of fresh strawberries followed by juicy cherry. Next fresh cut roses so elegant. I caught myself continuing to swirl and smell without tasting.

Wonderful fruit and so many refreshing flavors. Cherry started the wine off nicely followed by a hint of what I identified as cranberry. Nice combination and so crisp. In the middle the strawberry appears and lasts through the finish with a hint of red berry. I enjoyed this wine alone and also with some turkey taco's, cilantro, lime juice and a touch of salsa. Loved how it complimented the food and highlighted the cilantro.

Another excellent wine from the folks at Ceja Vineyards. Check out your favorite wine shop for Ceja wine. Join their wine club or order directly from the winery website. Don't miss an opportunity to enjoy these wonderful wines from Amelia and the fine folks at Ceja Vineyards in Carneros.



Anonymous said...

Hola Dan,
So glad you enjoy our Ceja Bella Flor -- we love it too! Thank you for the nice blog -- hope to see you again soon.

Amelia Ceja

Anonymous said...

Ceja is our favorite also to vist, drink and share