Friday, June 11, 2010

St Supery Napa Valley Visit in June

I owe Rick Bakas a million thanks for introducing me to St Supery wines. Several months ago talking with Rick on Twitter he offered some samples to me and as a result of my young blog. His samples started a chain of contacts offering me an opportunity to taste other wines from California, Oregon, Washington, Iowa and Illinois. I even had a friend bring me a bottle from Georgia. While I apologized for running late to my visit I am glad Rick still had time to chat with me. One of my must visits.

Walking into the entrance of the winery and just off the tasting room I could not believe the marquee welcoming my wife and I to St Supery. Talk about chills and being completely surprised/humbled.  On the opposite wall inside the entrance is a beautiful picture of the St Supery Vineyards.

I finally had the chance to meet Rick in person talking about how my wife completely surprised me with this trip and how she was able to keep a secret. You would think we had been friends for years. So very excited to see the winery but first things first.

Once at the tasting bar I was fully ready to taste the Un-Oaked Chardonnay. The wine was excellent and exceeded my expectations. The wine was purchased before I left. Next a Cabernet and the ever popular Moscato (never turn down an opportunity to taste this wine). Plenty of St Supery "swag" is available in the tasting room for purchase.

Rick took us back into the production and barrel rooms of the winery. While my wife snapped a picture from behind I swear my mouth was hitting the floor admiring the amount of equipment St Supery owns to produce outstanding wine. The barrel room was as if I walked into heaven with so much wine aging and evolving into juice we can all enjoy. Rick explained in great detail the process of St Supery in making wine. I can only imaging the hustle at harvest time and the many hours spent producing great wine.

Impressed with California barrel tasting. How cool for Rick to allow me an opportunity to taste wine in succession from bottled to not even close to being ready. Each barrel had an abundance of fruit flavor and each had a level of bitterness unique to its age. I was completely blown away by the difference in each barrel. He truly spoiled us at this visit.

St Supery produces great wine and with each vintage I become more impressed with them. Rick took time out of his busy day to make us feel welcome. We can't thank him enough and appeciate having the opportunity to meet him and discuss St Supery wine. He said he has the best job with the best boss and it shows. A must stop for any wine lover is St Supery, I'm sure you will agree.  I hope you get that chance to come to Iowa for a tweet up and tasting at 1 of our local wine shops here in Cedar Rapids Iowa Rick. Its time St Supery wine gains popularity here.  I'll have a couple bottles we can sit down and enjoy. My treat this time.


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Guava Girls said...

I love this example of how "real" relationships can easily begin online - how people with like interest can connect, no matter where they live, work and play.