Monday, June 14, 2010

Passaggio Wine Visit Silverado Trail Napa Valley

I heard Cindy Cosco had been making great Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, Passaggio Wine at a custom facility on the Silverado Trail called Crushpad which is also home to several small production wines. Incindently she is also the lab manager there at the facility. Cindy and I had the opportunity to talk on twitter and when I said I was coming out for a visit and wanted to meet she didn't hesitate.

Arriving at Crushpad in the morning, Cindy and I took a quick tour of the tasting room which happened to be occupied that day by another small producer (shared tasting room) as well as the lab where Cindy works her magic. Chatting with her I was floored when she signed 2 of her bottles of wine for me as a gift. I asked how many cases she produced per year and I swear my mouth hit the floor when the answer was 125! When she becomes really famous I get to say "I knew her in the beginning days" :). A meeting was being held over at the "cave" where the barrels are stored just down the lane from the tasting room so we chatted close by a small vineyard. I knew my first bottled opened when home would be one of these gems and I could hardly wait.

My first bottle opened was the 2009 Passaggio Pinot Grigio. What a great wine this is on the nose with a citrus explosion and crispness of a great white wine. The lemon-lime hits my nose first, followed by the pear an excellent combination of aroma's. Next I get the hint of grapefruit followed by more lemon-lime. Beautiful color now time to taste this wine.

Great refreshing pinot grigio and so crisp. I love the first taste of both red apple followed closely by green apple. I've never had that combination so pronounced in a wine before. Next the pear and a quick hint of grapefruit rounds out the flavors of the wine. Each taste begs you to drink more and the flavors are in perfect balance. Awesome refreshing wine and one I need to speak with my wine friends about putting in their shop to sell here in Iowa. Maybe a tweet up here in Cedar Rapids at a tasting!

Cindy thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet. I can't thank you enough for the time we spent in Napa and the wonderful wine gift :). A bottle of Iowa wine will be on the way shortly to you for enjoyment.
Wine lovers you really need to check Cindy's website out and order a bottle today and see for yourself why others along with myself say this wine is so very good. My little cellar will always have a bottle or 2 of Passaggio Wine ready to share with friends.


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