Friday, June 18, 2010

Eric Ross Winery Visit Sonoma County


Eric Luse winemaker and owner of Eric Ross Winery is lets say a character (and a fellow Iowan). I knew when planning my trip missing this stop would mean a lost chance at tasting some excellent wine (that and about 100 of my favorite california wine friends bragging him up). My friend Grace Cellarmistress bragged about Eric's wines so they must be top shelf.

Walking into the tasting room there is that face behind the bar. I was meeting the real Eric and he was meeting the real Dan for the first time. We chatted for a few minutes traded some jabs and then it was time to taste some wine. Eric even encouraged me to spit/dump as he tastes with his wines all day long. Spitting is for wimps but then I remembered how day 1 concluded, worn out so dumping it will be.

I had the opportunity to taste each of Erics wines from the Albarino, Struttin White and Red, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Syrah and Port. What I found in each was an excellent display of fruit flavor/aroma all in perfect balance and each finish begging you to drink more. Eric offered up the fact fruit makes all the difference and he is particular about the fruit for each of his wines. I'll add his passion for producing quality wine is a big factor in the final product. While I purchased 2 Pinots both bottles Eric signed for me, I can't brag enough about the quality of the wine he creates.

Eric thank you so much for the memorable visit my friend. The conversation and wine were both awesome. I would like to see more of your wines for sale here. Wine lovers are missing alot if they are not drinking Eric Ross Wine. Maybe one of our wine shops in Cedar Rapids could host the winemaker at a tasting. You and I will share a couple bottles and a story or 2 if you make it back this way.


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Eric Ross Winery said...

Hi Dan, Just back from spending a pre-father's day on the SF Bay fishing with my youngest, Austin, as yes I caught two fish (two small and went back to the sea) and Austin was the hero of the day catching a beautiful Halibut which we will thoroughly enjoy tomorrow with my other son Ryan. Happy Father's Day to you!