Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ceja Vineyards Carneros Visit & Tasting

The beauty of Ceja Vineyards was our second visit in wine country. Amelia Ceja President and I had conversed many times on twitter and facebook including receiving some very nice samples to taste. I always told her if ever in Napa Valley I would stop by for a visit and she extended the offer.

My wife took some beautiful pictures of the landscape around Ceja Vineyards prior to us entering the tasting area, and hustling some wine into the car was Armando the winemaker. Once inside Amelia was finishing with some tasters but stopped momentarily giving us a big hug as if we were family.

Sitting at the tasting bar and starting to enjoy some very fine Ceja wine, Amelia talked with us giving the history of the family and vineyard. We could feel the passion she has for creating great wine complimenting any food it's served with but more importantly how much family plays an important role in the success of the winery. Heading out to an event was daughter Dalia Ceja who stopped to chat with us as well.

So what wine did we taste...... all of them to be exact. Each glass brought an explanation and an occasional taste by Amelia. We started with the Sauv Blanc (a purchase) moving gracefully to the Vino De Casa White, Chardonnay, Rose (purchase), Pinot Noir (another must purchase), Vino De Casa Red, Merlot and Cabernet. Talking to us as family and not like customers you can't help but enjoy the warmth of the tasting area. What a perfect way to enjoy great wine.

Soon the vineyard will be bustling with the creation of a new state of the art production facility. All tasters are encouraged to visit the tasting room Ceja Vineyards operates in downtown Napa. I would love to be able to visit at the grand opening of the new facility.

To the Ceja family we thank you for allowing us to visit your beautiful vineyard and the creation of great wine. You made us feel part of your family,  something we will always remember. Readers I encourage you to pick up a bottle of Ceja wine and taste for yourself excellent wine. If in Napa be sure to stop downtown at the Ceja Tasting Room. Salude Amelia!



cellarmistress said...

Great post! Makes me want to go there now!! I hope to visit them in the Fall!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan,

It was nice meeting you and your wife last week -- thank you for making the trek to Carneros. I enjoyed reading your Ceja blog very much -- I'll post it on Twitter as well.

Hope to see you again soon.

Amelia Ceja