Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cuvaison-Carneros Tasting Room & Vineyards

What a beautiful drive up the lane towards the tasting room with the rolling hills of grape vines at my first stop Cuvaison. I paused a few moments after getting out of the car to admire the beauty of the vineyards and commented to my wife how peaceful and relaxed the scenery made us feel. We both agreed what a beautiful place.

Once inside we were greeted by Austin a young man who would be our host for tasting. Gentleman knows his wine and asked us to take a seat outside and he would start the tasting.

What impressed me most with each wine I tasted and all were excellent (Chardonnay, Pinot, Cabernet), Austin explained every detail first including where on the property the grapes were grown. Built your excitement with each wine I had the opportunity taste and enjoy. The tasting flowed methodically one wine after another and I felt relaxed and never rushed. Yes Cuvaison I could sit there all day drinking great wine and admiring the beauty of your vineyards. Upcoming in a future blog post will be the review of my purchase for the day the F5 Block Pinot Noir.

Thank you Austin for starting our tasting tour with some great wine, your knowledge of both the wine and vineyards. You were a great host. Thank you Cuvaison for continuing to make great wine. My compliments to the winemakers. Readers if you are in Napa for a visit I highly recommend Cuvaison as a must stop for tasting!


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